Group Exercises

Cardio Mix & Strength

A time efficient workout that mixes cardiovascular and muscle conditioning segments. Expect to do  1-3 minutes of aerobics doing high-low impact with intervals of 1 minute of muscle conditioning using dumbbells, medicine balls or rubber tubings.

Cardio Dance

Tired of doing the same thing all the time? This class will blow you away! Learn to recycle your old low-impact patterns into a new style of movement. Start with low impact and then get transformed into a latin jam, modern dance etc.Curious? Don’t miss it! 

Purely Pilates

Matwork pilates using different toys like the mini ball, stability ball, pilates ring, foam roller and the medicine ball.


Yoga-based poses designed to challenge your strength and flexibility as well as improve stress management and concentration. 

Holiday Spin

Cycling like any sport, involves training in different areas or zones to improve performance. Using cadence and intensity zones we’ll learn how to get the best from our indoor cycle training. Burn 500- 700 calories from this class while listening to the sounds of the 70’s, 80’s and  top 40’s hits. Enjoy this ride minus the sun and pollution!!!

Yoga - Pilates Fusion

This class is a combination of yoga and pilates . An hour of stretching, core strengthening, overall body toning and awareness. The class ends with a very relaxing meditation.


Step class with easy-to-follow step combinations.